Feature packed self service reporting wonder in your handINFUSE LIFE IN TO YOUR DATA


WonderBi Analytics a Self service reporting platform is designed to give you the best engaging experience through stunning data visualization and helps you to take best decisions in coordination with your teams at the right time in most secured way.

  • WonderBi service icon1 Comprehensive Data

    WonderBi Analytics connects with any data source such as ERPs, Transactional Systems, Data warehouses or excel sheets. It can accept data from multiple feeding points.

  • WonderBi service icon2 Stunning Visualizations – Touch to Analyze

    From the good old grid to bar, line, column charts and a donut chart if you are a sweet tooth! WonderBi Analytics with its intuitive design and self service reporting capabilities will keep you hooked on to your business insights.

  • WonderBi service icon3 Different Perspectives

    Transposing, comparing, filtering, slicing and dicing the data in most intuitive way helps you to gain different insights compelling you to take the best decisions at the right time.

  • WonderBi service icon4 All Round Security

    Your data is put to use in most secured way by adding security at various levels, at device, database, and administration though encryption, authentication and secure authorization. Even features like WIPE helps you to wipe out the data from users account if need arises.

  • WonderBi service icon5 Handy Notes

    WonderBi Analytics helps you to capture your thoughts, excerpts, special comments in an organized way using features like notes and annotations. This helps you to refer back to these notes at any point in time.

  • WonderBi service icon6 Collaborate with Team

    WonderBi Analytics compels you to comprehend your data in a very intelligent way which you ought to share with your team for gaining insights and better decision making. With collaboration features now you can share various details of analysis with your colleagues.

  • WonderBi service icon7 All Platforms inclusive

    With BYOD policies now workforce at various levels of organization uses different devices. WonderBi Analytics is developed as a native application for almost all platforms that are generally used by your teams like iOS, Android and Windows.

  • WonderBi service icon8 Quick ROI

    With self service reporting tool and cloud hosted platform ; the time and cost of implementation is negligible . The platform is so intuitive and easy to use, you can go live at the countdown of 3…2…1 Go!

  • WonderBi service icon9 Engages at all levels – CEO to Shop Floor

    WonderBi Analytics is designed to bring life to your data; the whole experience of using it becomes so rich and engaging that any type of user can take smart decisions efficiently.

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