Frequently Asked Questions

My business requires a different number of user licenses and data source than mentioned in the plan. How do i select the plan?

We completely understand that every business is unique and requirements cannot be fit in the same template. Please get in touch with our sales representatives or just drop us a message using contact us form and we will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and help you select best plan or make a tailor made plan for you.

I do not have IT team who can help implement WonderBi. How to go ahead with implantation?

Don’t worry at all! WonderBi is a cloud based Business Intelligence solution designed for enterprises just like yours. To get started using WonderBi is as simple as 3…2…1.Go! You don’t need an IT team to implement WonderBi. Simply download WonderBi from AppStore or Play Store on your smartphone or tablet, get in touch with us and we shall quickly do initial setup for you and you can start uploading your data in excel or CSV format on WonderBi platform. And you are ready with your analytics solution.

I am using certain transactional applications to manage my business, how can I use data captured in these business applications for analytics?

WonderBi is ready with APIs which can be used to integrate the data sources with WonderBi. Data upload can be scheduled at any desired interval (every night, every 12 hours or even every 30 mins) and you have your business critical data ready for analysis anywhere anytime!

How secure will be my data?

WonderBi information architecture and infrastructure is designed to keep your data absolutely safe. The security defined upto user level. If you want to define your reports to be access by only certain users in your organization you can setup user level security.

What if I want to shift to another plan?

We do understand the business dynamics hence we are very flexible with our offerings. You are free to move from one plan to another depending on your business needs. Subscription fee will be apportioned on the pro rata basis except in case of tailored made plan.

We are not sure how to best we can use our data and WonderBi for analytics and smart decision making?

That’s not a problem at all! Our customer success manager will completely help you throughout the definition to execution process to best format your data to make it effective for analysis. Please specify that you want customer success services and we shall add it in your plan if it’s not there already.

How will I get help if I am facing any difficulties or need to address my queries?

We are happy to help you. Our customer support helpdesk shall resolve all your queries in coordination with you.

Will I have access to your WonderBi+ analytics features?

Yes, we believe it’s your right to get to use every feature of WonderBi. On every new release of additional features we shall be getting in touch with you and using our training material you can make best use of these new features.

Can I share user name with my team members?

We discourage doing that; it’s for your own data security. Also if you feel need for more and more of your team members should participate in analytics with you that’s a good sign, your business is growing! For marginal incremental price you can buy additional user licenses. Remember your data security is utmost priority.

I frequently travel and many a times I am out of network coverage. How can I use WonderBi?

You have got a perfect solution for your analytics needs. WonderBi also works in offline mode. Assuming you are travelling in an airplane, you can very well utilize time while travelling analyzing your data on your smartphone or tablet. You will have access to last refreshed data.

I already have a BI tool implemented in my organization, how can WonderBi help me?

WonderBi can connect with any data sources and its most effective analytics tool giving business insights in most intuitive and engaging way. You can best utilize your BI tool by connecting it with WonderBi so that BI data is available to you and your team on mobile devices to have business insights on-the-go and that too at the fraction of the cost of your BI tool. You are practically enhancing your BI tools power significantly by using WonderBi.

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