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Business executives who are always on the move and own the greater responsibility for the business always crave for business insights to take smart decisions. But stuck with conventional means to access and analyze data makes the whole process slow, inefficient and adds lots of bottlenecks. Many businesses shared with us that business executives certainly need an effective means of accessing business insights and analyzing data in most intuitive, engaging, cost effective and convenient way no matter which part of the world they are and feel empowered to take smart business decisions on the go; breaking away from conventional desktop based reports and spreadsheets. With widespread usage of smartphones and tablets for business needs, which are still used only for email, calendars and chats…the power is completely underutilized.

We were inspired to think and design a solution.

WonderBi came in to existence to empower businesses and executives who are on the move with ability to carry and analyze business data of any kind in highly interactive way through KPIs, visualizations, charts, grid reports, analytics, slicing and dicing and collaboration capabilities, on their smart mobile devices wherever they go. No matter where you are, delivering business insights right when you need it – Everywhere, Everytime!

WonderBi empowers growth oriented small and Medium enterprises (SMEs/SMBs) across the globe operating in various industries including logistics and supply chain, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, packaging, media, consumer services, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, instrumentation and others by giving business insights for effective decision making.

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